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Review: Oridathoru Postman

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Review: Oridathoru Postman

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:43 pm

Oridathoru Postman

Director: Shaji Azeez
Producer: K Gireeshkumar
Music Director: Mohan Sithara
Lyricst: Anil Panachooran

Release Date: 08 Oct 2010
Genre: Drama
Language: Malayalam

Starring: Shareth Kumar, Innocent, Kunchacko Boban, Salim Kumar, Prajod, Jaffer Iddukki, Kalabhavan Mani, Suraj Venjaranmood, Meera Nandan

Review: I did get a chance to watch the movie. My first thought on the movie would be that its an average movie. There is not much comedy in it as expected from Innocent and Kunchacko Boban. The story starts with the lazy postman - Innocent, not wanting to deliver the letters to the people and always wanting to rest and sleep. He also is fan of football and sponsors the local club for the equipments and matches.

His son Kunchacko Boban is trying to get a government job and is waiting for the hall ticket for the test but his father does not give it to him unless the exam is over as he did not even bother to open the sorted letter for delivery. Kunchacko gets irate and tells his father that he would not live with his father any more and he goes off.

Innocent realizes his fault and promises his son to be serious in his work and starts working towards delivering the letter and money orders on time. One day he is sleeping but his son asks to go to work for which he agrees but then he falls off from the bicycle and the people of the town takes him to the hospital when Kunchacko realises that his father is a heart patient and its not because of laziness that he is always sleeping and resting.

Innocent asks his son to find a Sherreth who has an adopted daughter, who is about to have a surgery and wants to meet her god father before the operation as she feels that she wont survive after the surgery. Innocent passes away and Kunchacko is in search of Sharreth who fled the village because Sherreth finds out about some terrorist group, but to save themselves, they make the people and press feel that Sherreth is a terrorist and police is in search of Sherreth.

Kunchacko finally find Sherreth and takes him to the hospital but then he is shot by the terrorists while is daughter has come out of the operation theatre.

Salim Kumar plays a small role in the movie who earns Rs.250/- in a day and spend Rs.100/- on booze, Rs.100/- to buy lottery ticket and Rs.30/- to recharge his mobile to send SMS to reality shows and the rest Rs.20/- for beedi. Finally he realises that he has spent a huge amount of 3 lacs on buying lottery tickets and out of the shock he commits suicide.

Finally, Kunchacko is given his fathers job but he is exactly like his father, gets lazy to go to work.

The movie has some sentiments, some comedy, a couple of songs but it lacks the punch to please the audience, I personally feel that you can watch the movie ones at least.

Rating 3/5



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